Our Services

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With over 15 years of experience and dedication in serving seniors and people with disabilities, Clear Choice Assisted Living LLC offers a broad range of comprehensive, person-centered services intended to promote our client’s total health and wellness.

Serving clients of all ages, we offer the following services:

Home Care Services

We offer services that enable our clients to remain at home while receiving the care and attention that they need. Learn more.

Adult Day Services

We offer a safe, comfortable environment where clients can come and receive the care that they need from a team of qualified adult day care professionals. Learn more.

Supported Living

We provide clients with the assistance they need to live as independently as possible within their own home and chosen community. Learn more.

Shared Living

We provide an alternative to residential living for adults with disabilities who prefer to live in a smaller, more family-type environment. Learn more.

Non-Medical Transport

Through our non-medical transport services, we make sure that our clients reach their destinations, safe and on time. Learn more.

Learn More

Feel free to call us at 440-996-5433 should you require more information about our services. For a detailed evaluation of your needs, we invite you to set an appointment at your earliest convenience.