Funding & Insurance

Our programs and services are mainly funded through Medicaid dollars and sometimes local funds. Clients have to apply for enrollment and be accepted.  In the State of Ohio, enrollment is usually sought through your local county board of developmental disabilities.

Enrolling in a Waiver

Waivers are one way to pay for the services a person with developmental disabilities needs. You may be able to have your needs met without using a waiver, if other resources are available, such as

  • funding or services through a county board of developmental disabilities,
  • services using Ohio Medicaid benefits,
  • and other local services.

Your county board will work with you to help you find and coordinate services to meet your needs, using all of the resources available. If you do need to enroll in a waiver, your county board can help you to complete that process, as well. 

Contact your county board of developmental disabilities about the supports you need and what services may be available to you.

If you do need a waiver, you will need to apply for state Medicaid benefits as well. Your county board of developmental disabilities can help you. You can also complete the application for Medicaid benefits and check on your benefits online. Learn more about how Medicaid benefits work at benefits.ohio.gov.

Private Pay
For those who do not qualify for a Medicaid waiver, we do accept private pay or out of pocket payments. To find out how that works, please contact us at 440-996-5433 for a discussion. You can also send your payment-related inquiries to info@ccalohio.com.