Clear Choice Assisted Living LLC answers some Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you have nurses?

Yes, we do. Our registered nurses (RNs) function as a Care Manager and are available to all our residents. To complete the team, we also included Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) who are available for 24 hours every day to care and assist each of our residents.

What is the age range of your clients?

We do not impose any age limit for our clients. We serve and care for clients that are both children and adults.

May I bring my own furnishing to your group homes?

Yes, you may. Although our Assisted Living Facility is fully furnished, we want you to feel that it is your home. We believe that part of your healing and recovery is surrounding yourself with all the comforts & furnishings you desire.

Our residents may enjoy decorating and personalizing their own rooms as long as they are in accordance with their health condition as per physician’s instruction and conducive to healing and recovery.

May I take a tour to your Assisted Living Facilities before I move in?

Absolutely! You are welcome to visit our place and feel the warm welcome of smiles and hugs from our residents and staff.

We want you to have an overview of what happy living looks and feels like when you visit us. Our agents can schedule your appointments at a time that works best for you.

Are your outing programs free?

Yes, our outing programs are absolutely free. This is because we care about you and your loved ones; understanding that getting you out & about during your later years can significantly increase your social interaction & opportunity to exercise and boost your social engagements.

Do your Direct Care Professionals undergo continuous training?

Yes, they continuously obtain on-the-go training under the delegation of our registered nurse (RN) for every medication and care delivered and administered to each of our residents.

They also undergo training periodically; focusing on how to recognize and report abuse, neglect, and exploitation in our residents. Also, all our caregivers are obliged to renew and comply with their certifications and requirements; (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), Behavioral & Med-Aide) annually.

Are your staff members qualified to provide the services needed?

Yes, they are all qualified. Only caregivers and professionals who are experienced and trained will be available to serve you during your stay with us. In addition, we regularly monitor our staff members to evaluate the skills needed and personality traits necessary for a good delivery of care.

How do I get started and be part of those you served?

To get started, you may schedule an assessment with one of our professionals to formally assess your condition and specifically point out your care needs. And then, you may schedule for a tour so you may personally visit our site. If you have more questions about this, Contact Us.

What services will I receive from your Assisted Living Facility?

You are eligible for a wide array of services through the program, which includes, but is not limited to:
  • Home Care Services
  • Adult Day Services
  • Supported Living
  • Shared Living
  • Non-Medical Transport

Have a question that is not listed here? Send us a message online.